Video Footage

Creating footage is an excellent at educating, informing and teaching your clients and prospects about your products and services. Out West Online can work with you to create great footage content to share with your clients and prospects. Video can be filmed on site in High Definition (HD) for maximum effect.

For filming video footage there are many factors that would affect the cost e.g. length of video, location of video. Please contact Out West Online directly for a quote.

Midland Industries

Working with the team at Midland, we were able to create a basic walk around video to show the key features of their Dog Trailer.

Tuffa Products

Filming done on site in Condobolin, we were able to create a short product video showing how a new Scaffolding Tag was used.

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Film Production: Out West Online will visit your place of business or an agreed upon location to record the required vision. All video footage will be recorded in High Definition from a Tripod to ensure the highest levels of quality. Still footage will be captured with a SLR Digital Camera for maximum effect.

Project Management: Out West Online will project manage the whole project from start to finish. This includes a storyboard of the footage to be captured, voice-over scripts and coordinating with the voice-over artist.

Upload: Out West Online will upload the final video to the following websites if required: Client’s Website, YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and other video streaming services if required.

Compilation: Out West Online will compile the raw video and still footage, create basic animation, match music and ensure the voice-over matches overall video.